Sunday, 25 September 2016

Apple iPad Pro

The amazing reviews, the sleek design and the lush specs of Apple iPad Pro is just bombing on tech trendy tech lovers and definitely makes it up on our 'Gadget of the week' class. Apple just brilliantly sped up and matured its best tablet up to date which also gives you a class look of a mini laptop. Its just wows everyone though with the best outcome and demand at par its a little expensive but gadget lovers are going to go for its reliability for sure. Its out in the market in two sizes with 9.7" and 12.9" screen size. Its main features are its magnanimous screen resolution, the enhanced color saturation like high digital cameras, best light with 4 light censors installed, 4 speaker audio, same processing speed as any mac or pro book, smart keyboard which fits with it to transform it in to a working laptop type and a lot more. You can just read its reviews anywhere.

Apple iPas Pro

Price: $599.00 for 9.7"
Price: $799.00 for 12.9"
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